#10 – Holographics

We’ve all seen those cheesy holographic displays of the 80s where a 3D image of something or someone is projected into a space.  Technology has moved on now and the new forms of holographic displays could me much more useful than the gimmick that it used to be.

Rather than just looking at the holograph you will be able to touch it, interact with it.

Bristol University’s  Department of Computer Science have managed to make a 3D hapatic shape that people can interact with (1). Currently they are looking at it from a medical perspective where doctors will be able to see inside a patient’s body and interact with a tumor based on a MRI. This would also be useful as a teaching tool for medical students.

Other future applications could be social uses, for example children being able to be “comforted” by a holograph of their parents if they become unsettled at daycare or for bringing the “personal touch” to a long distance relationship.

While this technology is rather cool and has been developed to a point where the prottotype is there I don’t think that it is as likely to be come as common place as some of my other trends which is why this has rounded out the last place on my list.


(1)     http://www.futuretimeline.net/blog/2014/12/4-2.htm#.VRC4LPmUfuI


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