Bladeless turbines

An article turned up on my Facebook newsfeed the other day that I found really interesting and bookmarked to read another day.

Bladeless turbines . . . . seems to be a bit of a contradiction of terms to me. How would it generate electricity if it wasn’t able to spin? That was my first thought on the matter. So I had to go and read the article. It appears that it generates electricity by shaking a pole sticking out of the ground. I wonder if this would increase the noise pollution which is one of the issues that a lot of people complain about when new wind farms are proposed. Being just sticks stuck in the ground may also alleviate the visual pollution other people also have about new wind farm proposals.

This is the type of innovation that is pleasing to see. While electricial applicances are generally getting more efficient there are now more in a typical house hold than there used to be. This means that there will need to be more electricity generated and with the backlash about environmentally unfriendly generation new generating methods need to be found.

This technology generates less than traditional turbines, however if they are more acceptable to the general public it may not be as hard a fight to get them built. It’s a Spanish technology but I hope this is something that our electricity generators are watching and considering the implications of.

Check out the video or read more about this on the Independent website.


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