Life in the smart watch world

How would I feel if I had put so much hard work into creating a smart watch. And then Apple comes along and manages to convince the masses that it was all their idea. Not quite the truth of what has happened to the guys at Pebble. But there is some truth in it. There are people out there that think that Apple is the gospel. They are the ones leading the pace and coming up with all the ideas and the others are just following. If it is created by Apple it is worth buying just for that fact, and upgrading every time they come out with a new product. Apple certainly has some good marketing.

So how to counteract that? Well for starters I wouldn’t bother trying to push my product onto those that strongly Apple, there might be one or two that you can convince, but on the whole you will be wasting your breath, time and money.

Pebble already have a good strong backing – given the numbers that backed their kickstarter projects they have fans, they have been able to convince a number of people that they know what they are doing enough to stump up cash well in advance of receiving their watch. They need to capitalise on this trust. They will have a huge database based on this activity. Use this for marketing purposes, make Pebble seem like an exclusive club. Email current users a voucher to invite a friend into the club, membership brings along with it a 10% discount on the product. This wouldn’t necessarily cost any more as that would be about the same, maybe even less than any retail margin would be for purchasing in store. But purchasing in store doesn’t give the exclusivity feel too it. It doesn’t help generate the type of hype that Apple have managed to get to have people queueing outside their stores the night before the launch of a new product.  Not that Apple wanted people to queue outside their stores before the launch of the Apple Watch, but you get the idea.


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