Why we went naked

Over the weekend we got rid of our home phone line, and moved to naked broadband. It feels so odd to not have a home phone anymore, I’m not sure why given we barely used it. We both have cellphones and most people who call us these days call us on them using their own cellphones. And a lot of our friends we call using our cellphones to their cellphones. In short we were changing internet providers for a better deal, and hopefully a more stable connection and decided we don’t get $10 worth of value out of it a month so it wasn’t worth paying that $10 to continue to be harassed by tele-marketers (the main people who call us on the home phone.)

Unfortunately there is no cable available out our way yet so we are still tied to the copper line with our ADSL. We could have gone with just cellphone data for our internet, however, as we both work from home a couple of days a month the data we go through is quite substantial. Especially once you take into account streaming tv shows to catch up on shows we’ve missed and window’s updates on a number of computers each month. Mobile internet doesn’t give you unlimited broadband on your cellphone yet. There are also satellite based internet providers out our way. But again, the cost of this is too much so we’ve just stuck with the standard internet for now. I’m hoping that in 2 or 3years time that the options for internet will increase and that we won’t be tied to a little copper line that is outdated technology and can only provide “slow speed” broadband compared to newer technologies.

I know of others that have taken this step too, and can be sure that a number of others will soon be reaching the same conclusion as us – fixed line telephone lines are a dying technology.

Sure, there are some risks with this. A friend said how are you going to make phone calls in a power cut – like to your power company to complain. But I’ll still have my cellphone – that isn’t going to die immediately after the power goes out. And in a real emergency our old phone wouldn’t have worked anyway – we had a VOIP phone which would have died any way. So I guess we were already half way there to getting rid of the home line. I’ll just have to walk to the old fashioned coin phone or borrow a friends phone line if I get stuck – but as people rely more and more on cellphones the providers may have to ensure that their services are still able to be provided in emergency situations.


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