Historical Technology

I was asked the other day about historical technology and the impacts that they have had on the world. It was an interesting thought – what I thought of as historical may still be current technology for some depending on our age. One of the interesting historical technology advances sprung to mind was cellphones and another was EFTPOS. Given my age (in my 30s) EFTPOS was “normal” to me when I got to be of an age that I could have my own card and ready access to my hard-earning funds rather than just pocket money.

Cellphones were just really starting to become common amongst adults in my late teens when I went overseas for a year long OE. But when I came back pretty much everyone I knew had one or was considering getting one and I really struggle to remember life prior to a phone. It would be unthinkable for teens these days to make a plan for everyone to meet at a specific time and place a couple of days prior!


One thought on “Historical Technology

  1. Yeah I often wonder how we managed prior to cell phones. They suit me quite well as I quite like being able to organise things really quickly and get quick responses to queries. However when you run a business you find out pretty soon how annoying that can be when people call you at anytime and invade you after standard business hours.

    I love being able to get on the net when we are at our bach as we have no power there. I have to use a battery with a special plug to charge my phone but we are able to keep in touch if we need and I can conduct business if I have to.

    I can also amuse myself with games and play music- that little phone provides so much convenience!

    In terms of Technology Substitution for the old plug in phone its like a world in my hand! there really is no comparison and how amazing was the dial phone for our parents when that came in! Well it might be your grandparents!

    Bring it on I say 🙂


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