A thought provoking video

I’ve been asked what I think my top 10 future trends in information, computing and technology will be. While trying to compile my list I’ve been doing some research (read googling and watching youtube videos) and have come across some really cool ideas.

One video in particular I found really interesting. It was rather long but it had a few interesting looking devices. I especially liked the bit about the dad seeing his daughter for the first time and the son hearing his dad speak for the first time. While a lot of focus goes on the entertainment factor of technological advances it goes to show that there is also a lot of medical advancement going on.

So, if you have 20mins to spare check out this video courtesy of CoolTechNews and let me know what you think.


One thought on “A thought provoking video

  1. Butt Call Alert? What is that? Apparently that’s a feature of the Smarty Ring! Look closely and you will see it 🙂

    The water protection on the cell phones is great news and I have seen that nano technology on shoes. It’s very useful.

    The watch technology has been in play for a while and of course Apple have just released their version. I do not wear a watch and I wouldn’t be keen on this. The one thing that does worry me with having all your life on one device is what happens when you lose it or break it?
    I know I panic if I cant find my phone and wearing something like the watch would feel intrusive and maybe I don’t mind missing a call or an email once in a while!
    I note that they waved it over what looked like an Eftpos machine so they must think that technology is still going to be in play.

    The mobile sheets that you can tap on each other looked a bit of a nuisance really but I can see that the technology could have its uses. My question would be what is it substituting? There must a better way to use it.

    Of course since I am a sop the last bits of the video with the medical advances made me tear up! In my blog I have talked about Bio-Printing where you can print organs for transplant and not have to use slightly alive donors.

    The being able to throw images around with a swipe of the finger or hand is very cool and I can see that there will be a lot more screens around in use generally- like at shops with this technology.

    There is definitely some scope here for convergence of these technologies which may see even more practical use.

    Comment by Rob 🙂


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