Honda Unicycle

This week I’ve been watching a few videos of the “latest” technologies. Some of them are a little dated. I especially had to laugh at one that referred to the new wave of personal mobility. It was a self balancing motorised unicycle that was due to be presented to the Tokyo Motor show in 2009. The way they were talking we were all going to be using these, or more advanced versions of these in years to come. But this was the first time I had heard of this.

I do have to say that the technology and the ideas behind it were pretty neat and it looks like it would be great fun to play with. But it would probably be rather expensive to purchase. The wheel also doesn’t look like it would handle the footpaths around here which would take away from it’s usefulness. I also wonder if they ran into issues with it’s classification, is it a car and therefore needs to be licensed or is it even able to be used on footpaths.

Anyway – here is the video, courtesy of Gizmag on Youtube. Let me know what you think.


One thought on “Honda Unicycle

  1. This is a neat machine but I think does have some limitations. Disabled, old, and overly large people would struggle with this. Anyone who has balance problems may not like it. I saw them using it inside a building and I thought what is the great advantage over walking? You might end up getting a sore back as well and where do you put your stuff except on your person?

    However having said that I thing the Honda forwards and sideways motion wheel is brilliant. I like how it fitted in to the side door of a car for convenience and it looks pretty cool.

    They were making what I thought were pretty big claims for it and it hasn’t been fully tested yet. I think the technology in it is useful but I think that it may be more suitable for inside use in large buildings and could be ok outside in limited ways. The diffusion process could be lengthy and would have to be priced right and marketed carefully.

    This is Rob under my fb business page as I don’t have a personal one. 🙂


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